Training Data and Analysis.

Measure and analyze your trainings.


How does it work?

TrainerHunt is a platform for capturing your training feedback and improving your training service.

  • Audience

    Ask for Evaluation

    Get your participants to evaluate you using their smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Mobile

    Capture Evaluation

    Capture evaluation immediately after your training and monitor the process in real time.

  • Testimonies

    Analyze & improve

    Analyze the evaluation results and take informed actions to make it better.

The great collaborate with TrainerHunt

TrainerHunt is working in collaboration with psychometric experts from UKM to validate our evaluation items. This ensures the credibility and reliability of the data collected for you.

Get the most out of your client engagement

Measure the success of your trainings and achieve the best results.

  • Measure

    Measure Engagement

    Capture and measure each training engagement records on the fly. Don’t waste time tabulating data again.

  • Track

    Track Success

    Track how you performed in your trainings. Show it to your prospects.

  • Progress

    Evaluate Progress

    Analyse and evaluate your progress. Make informed decisions on improvements.

  • Questionaire

    Collect Testimonies

    Those you have touched will rate you highly. Connect with them and get them to write you a meaningful testimony.

  • Reengage

    Reconnect with Audience

    Reconnect with those who rates highly of you. Tell them of your upcoming trainings.

  • Win

    Stay Ahead

    Stay ahead of your game by planning and taking measures guided by data.