Why are we in business?

We are in the business to make an impact in the nation’s training industry. We want to recognise the training fraternity and its contribution to the nation’s development. After all, smart workforce is the foundation of a smart nation.

The training fraternity is one of the noblest profession and trainers should be able make a decent living out of it. Trainers should be valued for their actual worth and be not made to justify themselves every time they go for an engagement with potential customers.

Unlike other business profession, trainers cannot duplicate themselves. They can duplicate their training programmes but not themselves. The best way for a trainer to earn more by doing less is to charge a premium fee for their service.

However, companies are only willing to pay premium fee for trainers if they know how good the trainer is. But how would they know if they had not engage in their services before? Companies usually have a fixed training budget and they do not have the luxury to do a trial and error session. Once money is spent they expect immediate results.

To be fair, companies should also receive value whenever they engage trainers to do their programmes. What better way to gauge a trainer then to see an unbiased review submitted by past training participants as compared to a commercially driven write ups. TrainerHunt only have trainers who are willing to be subjected to public viewing of their training evaluation. These are trainers who are confident of their services and want to constantly better themselves. These are trainers who recognised that there will always be room for improvement and these are the kind of trainers that a company should look out for.

For those who wants to venture into the training industry, TrainerHunt will provide guidance and support through the numerous training opportunities that is available via our strategic partnership with training providers. Yes, trainers should be a consumer of their own market too and we will notify trainers on certification and programmes that are available to support their growth.

As an advocate on life-long learning, we want to make sure that value is delivered after every training session. We are in support of the nation’s growth through quality training delivered by quality trainers.

At TrainerHunt, we let the reviews speak for our trainers.

It pays to be with us.